An International Local Story Movie Review


An International Local Story Movie ReviewReview: An international local story is a Malayalam comedy entertainment movie directed by Harisree
Ashokan, a veteran Malayalam movie comedy actor. The movie marked the directorial debut of Harisree
Ashokan from the role of an actor to a director. The movie is about a friendship between five friends and
the incidents happening in their life.

About the outline story:
Dr. Rahul (Rahul Madhav) is the protagonist character in the movie and the whole story revolves around this character. The movie is about the tale of this young returnee US doctor and his family is all set to get him married off without the presence of his four friends, whom they aren’t quite fond of. The story travels through the hardcore relationship between the five friends and the parallel love story of Rahul and Lekshmi, their marriage and a series of barriers happing in the life of Rahul, lekshmi and the four friends of Rahul and how they manage to overcome the struggles. The setting of the movie surrounded with a never-ending comedy of each and every characters, incidents and dialogue in the movie evokes a smile in us and it’s a visual treat for the family audience.

As the name suggests the movie starts from an international destination Malaysia. The mixture of crowded comic dialogue and raising confined emotional settings in the movie will attract the audience. The performance of Dharmajan and Bijukuttan is the main highlight in the movie. The comprehensive performance of the characters in the movie will be great entertainment for two hours. We couldn’t categorize this movie as a mere fun entertainment moreover this movie is a blend of love, dance, fight and the menacing Malaysian business mafia.

Rahul Madhav, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Tini Tom, Manoj K. Jayan, Bijukuttan, Deepak Parambol, Surabhi Santosh are playing major roles in the movie. In the movie cinematography is handled by Alby Antony and Gopi Sundar, Nadirshah and Arun Raj are created music for this movie in which the Songs were written by Rajeev Alunkal, Hari Narayanan, and Dinu Mohan. The movie was produced by M. Shijith under the banner of S square cinemas. The movie scripted by Ranjith, Eben and Saneesh jointly. The movie is fun family entertainment and it will be a visual treat for the audience.

Rating: As per our concern we will give 2.5/5, don’t expect this movie more than that of a typical
Harisree Ashokan movie.

Good entertaining movie
Casting selection is good
Good background score
Good choreography

The Absence of a perfect story
Not discussing social relevant issues
Nothing to remember
The songs didn’t reach the expectations

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